“THROUGH the Sick Mind’s, Eye” - Close Encounters of the 8th Kind

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” ― Alice in Wonderland

“Is this hell? Is there even a heaven? Where am I? Am I am talking? My mouth isn’t moving, yet I speak!?! Am I dreaming again? Who are these people? Wait… These aren’t people. I was in bed, wasn’t I? What are…… What are these things??? HOLY SHIT… What are these things??? They’re all looking down at me, no, not at me, inside me… The eyes… Those eyes… They are so dark… Cold… Black, no, not black, Voided of color… I can’t stop looking at them… They’re talking to me… What are they saying??? Those huge eyes. NOoooooooooooooooooooooo… Get away from me……….. I can’t move… Why can’t I move? Why is this happening to me??? What’s going on??? Who…..What are you?” Says Jack in his head as he lays on a table not made of metal or wood, but of a substance that looks like metal, but feels like liquid plastic.

Jack hears a voice, not a voice, but a command… Its not of sound, yet he hears it in his mind. “O…B…E…Y…” Jack sees seven Beings around him. Small in height with featureless bodies, huge heads and large black eyes. Jack is able to fixate on where the command is coming from. He sees there standing among the six smaller Beings; almost eight feet tall, bleach white skin. A thing. Jack does not have a word to describe what he sees. Its tall, almost featureless body with a featureless face. With tiny slits for a mouth and nose, but with HUGE Black Almond Shaped Eyes… When Jack makes eye contact with the Being it moves slowly towards his eyes. Locking its eyes with his eyes. The Being is only centimeters away from touching Jack, eye to eye. Terrified beyond any Horror Movie Jack has ever seen. Heart racing now; Jack cannot move… Jack cannot speak, but in his mind he is screaming in fear. “NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Get Away from MEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

“O…B…E…YYYYYYYYYYY…” the Being commands again. A slight ringing in Jack’s mind is getting louder and louder till it is so loud in Jack’s head it feels like his head is about to explode. Jack’s eyes are rolling back in his head as the ringing continues…. “O…B…E…YYYYYYYYYYY…” the Being commands again. “G…O…O…D…” Jack Blacks Out…

Jack feels like he is falling. He cannot see anything. He just hears sounds of industry… He hears waves crashing… Thunder roaring…. Bells ringing… He Feels the Air around him as he falls. Jack knows he is falling fast… Still blind, the sounds stop, the breeze recedes… Jack hears… Moaning… “Moaning?” Jack says in his mind. Slowly his vision begins to clear. He is in a bedroom, watching a couple make love. He cannot see very well, but he sees clearly enough to make out a woman’s features. The woman is on top of the man and they are clearly engaging in sexual intercourse.

The moaning gets louder and faster, rapidly. Then all of the sudden it ends in a fade out to black. A second or two later Jack now see’s the same room, but now the couple is asleep. “What the hell is this all about? What kind of dream is this?” Jack says, now noticing he is actually talking to himself with his mouth and his mouth are making sounds. Puzzled, Jack scratches his head and he notices he is bald. Again, Jack speaks. “What, the????” His voice trails off as he now gets a good glimpse at the couple in the bed. “Hey, those are my parents…” “Younger, but that’s Mom and Dad.” Jack says.

The room goes dark again. In about two seconds the image comes back and Jack’s skin Begins to crawl with fear as he sees six of those same Beings around his Young Parents bed. He notices one of the six is the same eight foot tall, bleach white featureless Being with the HUGE Black Almond Shaped Eyes… All the Beings are looking down at the woman… Jack now riddled with fear all the sudden gets very angry and screams at the Beings. “LEAVE HER ALONE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!” All at once the six Beings stare directly at Jack… Jack again paralyzed with fear all the sudden cannot move. He tries to scream again, but this time its only in his mind that he can hear his own voice… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo! LEAVE HER ALONE…” Jack scared and emotionally distraught watches as his mother dematerializes into thin air. A split second later the six beings dematerialize. The scene then fades to black once more…

Jack sees black, but a spec of light in the distance approaches, fast. Jack is not walking towards the light, but rather he is being pulled towards the light. As the light gets bigger Jack notices that metal looking not so metal table. He sees the six Beings… He sees his Mother. She is totally naked. Her Legs are spread wide and it appears there is something inside her between her legs coming out of the table. Jack notices his mother is awake… Jack can tell she is terrified… Jack cannot move, he cannot speak. All he can do is watch.<./p>

Five of the Beings are just staring directly at her eyes. The tall, bleach, white one has his two, three fingered, hands on her bare stomach… While this is happening Jack notices the beings head is turning ever so slowly at him. It stares directly at his eyes. Jack getting lost in those Big, Dark, Black, Empty Eyes… Jack hears a sound in his mind, its inaudible. Sounds like a musical instrument; but off key and nonsense. The sound gets louder and more frequent. All the sudden, Jack hears that command again. “O…B…E…Y…” Jack replies, mind’s voice cracking though, “NOOOOOOOOOoooooo!”

The Scene goes to black once more. Jack awakes in his bed, drenched in sweat. Jack looks over to see his wife sleeping softly next to him. Jack gets up and walks over the bathroom. He turns the light on and gives himself a hard glance at the mirror quietly speaks to himself. “It was all just a damn dream.” “Pppfffttt some fucking dream then…” Jack rinses his face with some water walks out of the bathroom towards his bed. He stops about half way there and turns out of his room and walks down the hall. Jack stops at a door and quietly opens it and steps into the room.

In the middle of the room is a small bed. Jack quietly walks over and looks down at the small child in the bed. There lies Jack’s four year old little girl, Alissa… Alissa turns so gently… Still asleep, Jack cover’s little Alissa with her blanket. Jack sees Alissa’s well pronounced birthmark on her left arm. Jack turns and exits the room. Jack goes back to his room, but when he walks in the room the room is empty. No bed, no dresser, no ceiling fan, no nothing, just an empty room. Then all the sudden the room turns to black.

Jack sees a tiny light off in the distance and once again is pulled towards it, fast. Jack is standing outside of what is his daughter’s bedroom door. A great white light is shining through all of the sides of the door. Jack puts his hand on the door knob and turns the handle. The door opens… Jack walks in to see six of the little grey Beings and the one tall White one around his daughter’s bed. He sees that his daughter is awake. Jack can see his daughter’s mouth moving, but cannot hear any sounds. Jack can tell what Alissa is saying. She is screaming one word. “Daddy!!!”

At that very moment the intense level of rage Jack feels for these Beings… Jack sees a small metal tee-ball bat leaning against the wall. In a flash Jack grabs the bat and leaps toward the white, tall, Being… In Mid-Air the Being raises a three-fingered hand and Jack is suspended in mid air. Eerily the Being’s head turns around without the body moving. Those Eyes, piercing into Jack’s mind. All he hears is that ringing that gets infinitely loud and that command from the Being… “O…B…E…Y…”

Jack’s eyes begin to rollback into his head again. Jack feels a buzz around his body as the scene fades to black. Jack awakes again on the not so metal table… Backing away from his field of vision is the tall white Being… As the Being backs away it seems to vanish. Not dematerialize just out of Jack’s visual range. Jack feels as if he is alone now in this room. Jack tries to sit up, but his body feels different some how. The room is dark and Jack cannot see much. He is able to sit up and Jack feels his feet touch the floor. The floor is cold… Feels like metal, but yet not metal. Jack sees a light off in the distance and Jack begins to walk towards the light. Jack sees that he is in a room shaped like a cube and that the walls are all the same.

The light begins to brighten. Jack puts up his hand to protect his eyes from the light when all the sudden a wave of panic overwhelms Jack. When he puts his hand up. He sees a grey skin three-fingered hand where his hand should be… Jack tried to speak, but nothing but gargled sounds come out. Jack all the sudden hears his own voice in his head. “ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!” “Where is my hand?” “What have you bastards done to my hand?” Jack touches his head. Notices it is bald. Jack notices it does not feel like his head. This head is too big. As the light finally is comfortable for Jack to see a reflection in the wall. Jack sees himself. He sees a little grey black eyed Being. Jack moves his hands around his face and the reflection does the same thing.

Jack, broken, drops to his knees. He notices they really aren’t knees, but they do bend in the same way. Inside Jack’s mind he is sobbing, but notices no tears or sounds are coming from this new body. Jack stands and in front of him, moving towards him is the tall, white, Being. It meets Jack’s gaze, black eyes to black eyes, puts both of its three-fingered hands on Jack’s face…. The command echoes now in Jack’s mind. “O…B…E…Y…”

Jack straightens… He responds to the command in his mind with a very monotone vibration. “O…B…E…Y…” The scene goes to black. When it comes back Jack and the tall, white, Being are in Jack’s room. Jack notices the furniture is different. He sees the bed is not his. He sees a man and a woman in the bed. They are engaging in sexual intercourse. The scene quickly turns to black and comes back to the couple lying in bed. The tall, white, Being and Jack see six other little grey beings around the bed. They both walk up beside them.

All the Beings converge their HUGE Black Almond Shaped Eyes on the woman. Suddenly Jack sees a well pronounced birthmark on the woman’s left Arm. Jack turns to the tall, white, Being. The Being returns Jack’s gaze. In Jack’s mind he tries to scream a name. “Alis…….” This thought is broken by a stronger more pronounced command. “O…B…E…Y…”

Jack’s mind goes to silent… Jack slowly turns his gaze back at the adult woman, Alissa. Suddenly her eyes flap open. She tries to move, but cannot. She tries to scream, she cannot. Her field of vision stares directly at Jack… Alissa begins to dematerialize… All seven of the grey Beings and the tall white one dematerialize.

A woman screams in her mind… She hears one voice, one command as her field of vision is dominated by HUGE Black Almond Shaped Eyes… The eyes… Those eyes… They are so dark… Cold… Black… The command says and repeats… “O…B…E…Y…” Alissa’s field of vision goes to BLACK…

“If I’m not the same, who in the world am I?” ― Alice in Wonderland

“THROUGH the Sick Mind’s, Eye”
Close Encounters of the 8th Kind
by David-Angelo Mineo
2,034 Words