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I have always been a Movie/TV buff over the years. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and when it was time to choose something for college I went into film. I neither had the grades nor my family had the kind of money to get me started or get me into a school that really focused on the art of filmmaking. I went to a Junior college where I was able to get a degree but learned most of what I have been able to do on my own. I throw the term “Zero Budget Filmmaking” around because I do not make “low” budget projects. Saying Low Budge means  you have a budget.

Who are we kidding here?

I have never had a budget to get what I want from the camera to the screen. However; I always find a way… I have always prided myself on being able to create something from nothing. If I had real money to buy real equipment so I can do a real production then you would have a very well polished project. I do not have those things. So, we create, regardless. What is presented here would be what I feel is the best I have with what I am able to produce with minimal gear to capture and a decade old gaming machine to edit on.

See Video Portfolio below…


Podcast type video uploads.

Life Events

Videos of Life Events:
Weddings, Vacations, Slideshows, etc.

TV Spots

TV Commercials and Advertisements.

Music Videos

Original Band Music Videos.

Lyrical Videos

Original Musical Lyrical Videos.


Trailers, fake trailers, ads for social media and other website postings.

Strange Oddities

Collection of videos with a strange sense. Some are horror themed while others are just random and/or have comedy aspects to them. Some of them are just reality-based, footage from hurricanes and other oddities...

Behind the Bands

Behind the scenes from
working in the music industry...


Comedy oriented videos...