“Horror and the unknown or the strange are always closely connected so that it is hard to create a convincing picture of shattered natural law or cosmic alienage or 'outsideness' without laying stress on the emotion of fear.” ~H. P. Lovecraft

Fictional Content:

De Interioribus Malis(Latin for ‘The Inner Evil’). From the Night Terrors after Hurricane IAN. Over the course of 20 days after Hurricane Ian I had a series of Night Terrors that were so vivid, random and freaky it gave me nightmare fuel for some short-stories. Could they be expanded upon? This one is about Exploring the Inner Evil in us all.


Kréas!(Greek for ‘Meat’). From the Night Terrors after Hurricane IAN. This one is a retelling/reimaging of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but told from a more realistic point of view in the not too distant future where a world record fictional Hurricane named Telikós, translated from Greek to English as “Final” crashes into Arroyo City, Texas and mayhem ensues.


David-Angelo Mineo's: 2061: The Third Odyssey – A full-blown reimagining of Arthur C. Clarke’s, 2061: Odyssey Three. I will convert the novel to spec (film) script changing the plot and characters how I see fit to create a more adventurous story arch for both the plot and the characters. Not a whole lot happens in the book when looked at as a direct sequel to 2010: The Year We Make Contact film version of the 2010: Odyssey Two novel. The books are great, but the third novel is fairly boring if one were to make film based on the novel directly. The story and its characters require much tweaking. Tom Hanks, where are you? I know you want to see this get made and you want to play Haywood Floyd… The story would focus more around looking at the events of 2010 interplayed with events that have happened in our reality from where the events of the 2010 film end and 2061 starts. I will attempt to use as much real world events as the story will allow me to on this one. I hope to get this optioned someday.


Tale of the First Vampire – One of the very first things I attempted to write in film school. Under several different titles: Knowledge of the Gods, The Tales of Ernerem. I began work on this literally on 9/11/2001. A quote I started with: “The nature of the vampire, to its true accounts, are mostly unknown, many believe them to be mythology, many think to be made up of the imagination."  (David A. Mineo 9/11/01). Using real historical figures mixed with fiction and non-fictional elements tells the story of the very first Vampire at the end of the sixth dynasty and the end of the Pharaoh, Pepi II’s life. The Pharaoh is 99 years old and has reigned as Pharaoh for 94 years. In an attempt to save the Pharaoh’s life a Vampire is created by mistake and the Egyptian culture begins its near 2,000 year collapse into what society is now. Depending on how this all breaks down we will follow our Vampire through time as the years, decades, centuries pass while he does not age. I will be creating my own vampire mythos with this. We will see our Vampire interact with historical figures through his journey to the ends of the Earth and beyond. As the true Gods return to Earth in a distant future.


The Great Change – Originally conceived from a dream I had in the year 2000. This is the tale of Earth’s first contact with life outside our own. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Rendezvous with Rama meets Titanic meets the Abyss meets the Matrix. You can read the Prologue here; Prologue to “The Great Change.”


Through the Sick Mind’s Eye: The Noisy Alive“It is almost as if this slippery phenomenon called ‘self-consciousness’ lifted itself up by its own bootstraps, almost as if it made itself out of nothing.” ~Douglas Hofstadter. I am creating my own lore about possession, and parasitic vampirism. Where my demon/entity is a "formless" consciousness in the void that learns how to expand its own being by humans tampering with W and Z bosons at CERN facility using the LHC (The Large Hadron Collider) and by accident are able to interact with the hypothetical 5th Force of Fundamental Interaction. The entity then begins to feed off the fear based energies created by the human soul. The entity has the ability to hack into a human’s brain, there by possessing the body, along with absorbing all the knowledge and experiences of the being. The entity uses this knowledge to probe the human consciousness to find what triggers the ultimate fear responses within human beings, so that it may literally suck the lifeforce from that being as a food source. Each human it absorbs its consciousness evolves or expands even more. Likely this will be expanded upon in future iterations.



BLOG Content:

Going through my notes for the year to sort out old and new Blog content I haven’t really looked at yet and was able to organize my notes. This is for me just as much as it is for you all on the subjects I will be writing about in the months to come.

These subjects may or may not make sense to you all right away but I wanted to at least get this out there so my audience knows what to expect and to help keep me on track when I am slacking in my head. While doing this I will also be working on fiction projects as well. There is no order here. I will write them as I get inspired.

1) GOD/God/god/telomeres: A Starchild is Born; Spawned from my Blog, “Kummituksia (Finnish word for Ghost).” I suggest you read that one to get more perspective on what this will be about. This blog will also segway into my fictional works. This blog serves more as a breakdown of where I get my horror/science-fictional ideas from.

2) Twitter – Celebrity addiction/delusional mindset/narcissism/free speech on Twitter

3) Secretum (Privacy) – The Philosophy of the Block button (social media).

4) Human Intuition – Philosophical approach on exploring the gut feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel could be you.

5) A.I. – What it will mean to meet Deus Ex Machina. Why A.I. can never truly understand humanity how we’ll never understand aliens or even dolphins.

6) ChatGPT – More prompting lessons and workarounds for ChatGPT 3.5.

7) Conceptual Horror – About the cerebral nature of fear and horror.

8) It Was So Really, REAL – Is Reality Real, is the Universe Even Real. Does matter, matter?

9) Conspiracy Theory – Or just what it is - NFL refs sucking is not a conspiracy. They just suck.

10) Rock and Metal Subgenres – Big 4s for other metal subgenres and to the importance of continuing iterations. Every new subgenre is a new baby. Some come deformed…