Prologue to “The Great Change”

Novel working title (The Great Change)


Earth… 2070… Bombarded with two deadly impacts from large asteroids that spun off course from the asteroid belt within weeks of one another, one hitting Argentina, and the other on the border of Iraq & Iran.  These impacts destroyed these countries and most of the surrounding area wiping out much of the world’s ability to mine, produce and manufacture oil from the face of the Earth.  A new energy source was needed to replace crude oil. Japan had been fast-tracking the technology for Quantum Manipulation fused with Nanorobotic Technology for decades, but the economic cost of the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis in 2011 had pretty much bankrupt the country and it never fully recovered. In order to prevent future asteroids threatening the stability of the Earth from happening again.  The most powerful nations, China, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, & The United States, join together and form the UWN (United World Nations). Their mission is to rebuild Earth and protect it from other objects from Outer Space. These Nations agree to bypass all political and religious lines to ensure that there is a future for Earth and Humanity. They help to finance Japan’s ability to develop this Quantum Nanorobotic Manipulation Technology. They even get help from what was left of the World’s wealth from oil, Old British Kingdom money, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. Earth is now desperate and by 2081 Japan perfects the QNM Technology. Almost overnight the cost for duplicating things drops to almost nothing as the new Technology is prioritized to take lead at once. Now things can be built, literally from the essential elements of the periodic table. Materials and goods are created in a form that can be duplicated effectively and cheaply in dollars and cents. It is agreed that the UWN will regulate the technology and slowly convert the entire planet to use this technology. 

Earth now has the ability to create something from mainly nothing. Converting water to fuel. Converting Oxygen to Water. Synthetic foods are now easily and cheaply created. To manage this system in a more robust manner the UWN begins development of an AI. AI Technology had come a long way in the early 2000s but was never really given the proper attention out of fear. Attitudes change over time and when tragedy strikes. This AI will be built with the architecture of the human brain but using QNM to build the neuro-pathways. Basically building a computerized mind from scratch using elements of the periodic table and data from the world’s Internet. In 2083 Hayley goes online. The world’s first official AI Quantum Computer is now prioritizing what Earth Needs to survive. Hayley being the first of its kind has the instincts of a Mother and Humanity is the child. 

With Humanity now having the technology to build on the very smallest of scales. All kinds of scientific and medical breakthroughs are coming out. Cancer and AIDS are eradicated in months.  Even Aging is slowed down significantly. Birth defects in third world countries drop to zero. A World Begins to Heal and Grow at the same time with Hayley looking over what the planet needs.  For thirteen years the Earth has been barely hanging on after the asteroids fell. With Hayley and the UWN by 2133 war, poverty, disease, global terrorism are completely extinguished. Hayley believes the UWN’s next venture should be to colonize strategic regions of the inner solar system. With QNM Technology being the major power supply and its nearly unlimited potential for planet to planet travel. Interstellar travel was still far from Humanity’s reach. However, normal space travel becomes a huge priority for the UWN’s interest and priority in Protecting the Earth from Space. New Space Technologies are created that allow accelerations up to half of one percent of the speed of light. One could now potentially travel to Jupiter in about six days once they have cleared Earth Orbit. The UWN begins working together on its second great project, the Space Elevator is constructed at four points on the planet. Humanity now begins to set up manned space stations around the Solar System. The most important one is the first one on the Jupiter moon of Ganymede due to its location and access to the asteroid belt.  By 2160 GDN (Ganymede Defensive Network) goes online. The GDN has Five QNM solar-powered telescopes, all many more times more powerful than Hubble ever was. Its main defense function is the Gravitator. When the five telescopes are pointed directly at one another together they harness the vacuum energy around the telescopes and can warp space around a specific point, either crushing anything in its path or deflect an object on its normal orbit.   Its arsenal includes a plethora of satellite lasers and clean fusion search and destroy missiles, including ten long-range attack shuttles; all with the acceleration of half of one percent the speed of light (3,353,083.145 miles per hour).  Technology for FTL (Faster Than Light Travel) begins with using the Gravitator. However, its a one-way trip as there is no way for whatever goes into the Warped Bubble has nowhere to come back from which it came as there is not another set of devices on the other side. Earth sends several probes and abandon’s the project. By 2170 the GDN finds and destroys two city size asteroids that threaten the Earth if not stopped, it is unlikely that the Earth will be surprised by anything from outer space…

Chapter 1: The Eye in the Sky… 

Prologue to “The Great Change”
David-Angelo Mineo
Spring 2015
925 Words