Black Mirror S02E04

An under 2000 character Review on Anthologies. Number 7, Black Mirror S02E04 – White Christmas – Directed By: Carl Tibbetts – Written By: Charlie Brooker – Release Date: 12/16/2014. Originally Posted on 6/16/2020.

Black Mirror is a UK retelling, of sorts, of the Twilight Zone. Most of the episodes have to do with humanity or the dark sides of humanity in relation to modern society, technological advancements and media/social media sensationalism aka what I call “POOP Culture.”

By some, White Christmas is considered the best of the lot or at least the best episode up to this point in the show’s run. Starring Jon Hamm as a technology specialist that digitally clones people and are stored on Hard Drives that are interactive Eggs that can see, hear and have digital control over a smart home. In his spare time he runs an online group who watch each other seduce women, through the same technology that helps record the digital clones.

The digital clones are made from the same people in order to understand how said person needs the assistance in their lives. What most of the people do not know or they may, is the digital clones are literally a copy of themselves.

They feel, they can think independently. However, because they are digital, things like time have no construct. In order to train the clones to obey, time can be slowed down or quickened to the controller’s will. Imagine, no human contact, just you in a white room for days, months, years for you but for reality, seconds. The controller can literally crack a mind in seconds and bend it to their will.

That is only one part of this story. There are a lot of other things at play here. With this technology, you can block people too. All you see is their outline, with white noise as the filler and all you can hear are words that sound like “The Peanuts” Mom from Charlie Brown.

There are a lot of insane things here about how people are, live in this contained little Universe. I do not want to divulge too much on the spoilers, because if there is one episode to watch from this show, White Christmas is the standard. This episode could be its own, standalone, longer than 2000 character blog.