Black Mirror S02E03

An under 2000 character Review on Anthologies. Number 6, Black Mirror S02E03 – The Waldo Moment – Directed By: Bryn Higgins – Written By: Charlie Brooker & Christopher Morris – Release Date: 2/25/2013. Originally posted on 6/15/2020.

The definition of “POOP Culture” is all up in this episode… When a cartoon bear, Waldo, becomes a failed comedian’s voice for politics and that voice gets manipulated to spark a political revolution. With political talk on social media being so prevalent these days and it becoming nonsensical talk isn’t a new thing. There have always been people, online, that choose to “oversaturate” our timelines with political bullshit.

It is the same people over and over. They have no mute button when it comes to this nonsensical bullshit talk. Yet, it is their platform and they can choose to use it how they see fit.

What is frustrating about it is your everyday person tends to use their platform as some “Be All, End All” for one’s personal thoughts on everything.

I never thought of the Timelines as “made for public diaries for people.” However, that is exactly what I see day in and day out. There is very little separation between politics, people’s opinions and whether or not they are real facts or not. I have said it a few times in my blogs about “the rules for which all facts are based on have not really changed in the last 120 years.

However, how we deliver those facts, how the media delivers those facts to the public, has changed.” TV Executives and the very rich owner of the Network want Waldo to run for office. What winds up happening with all the comedic banter and putting down the politicians is the public begins to rally for Waldo only to have the elite take control over Waldo to plug in their own politics and new laws.

After all this happens, we flash forward a few years only to see a very much Nazi-type society take over and have Waldo as its symbol. For 2013 to see this is pretty scary. If you follow CNN/FOX/NBC type news the last few years, this should scare the shit out you…