Black Mirror S01E01

An under 2000 character Review on Anthologies.

Number 1, Black Mirror S01E01 – The National Anthem – Directed By: Otto Bathurst – Written By: Charlie Brooker – Release Date: 12/04/2011. Originally posted on 6/8/2020.

Black Mirror is a UK retelling, of sorts, of the Twilight Zone told in 1-hour anthology-style storytelling.

The plots of most of the episodes have to do with humanity or the dark sides of humanity in relation to modern society, technological advancements and media/social media sensationalism aka what I call “POOP Culture.”

The 1st Episode, The National Anthem, is the tale of UK’s Crown Princess being kidnap and through YouTube the kidnapper makes one demand.

That the Prime Minister have sex with a pig live on All British News Channels in the evening of that same day or she will be killed and the video will be broadcasted on the INTERNET.

We go through the panic of trying to figure out if the UK gov’t does anything about this. Due to the sensitivity with the safety of the Princess, there is pressure from the Royal Family for the Prime Minister to carry out the act.

There is also pressure from the media and social media alike. Things get really tense when it appears the kidnapper cuts off the Princess’s finger and sends it to the main UK news network. The media obviously reports this and now you have public opinion now adding even more pressure on the deed at hand.

Yes, it is a weird way to tell a story. It is also British so you have that difference as well as how they tell a story over the American style. What makes this episode creepy is how the social media and the media, in general, handle the data and how it is broadcasted.

This episode was released in December 2011. Wayyyyy before saying FAKE news was a thing, and Anti Gov’t was on every CNN segment. It was literally like watching something that just came out. The fore thinking and insight that the writer of this episode had. I have seen this in other episodes.

As I write this I am only on SE02E02. I am not even through the entire series. The plot moves slow but it does create much tension. A must-watch show and a must-watch episode along with some very dark humor. Enjoy BLACK MIRROR…