I See

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I see sadness child, it drives to madness
Lonely one could be stretched the limit that no one could see but me
Lust created a seed but in speed-- it to went away
I see her bleeding feelings of desperation,
Saying can't get out, hell god save from agony
Love me to death
Pleading with oblivion give her affection
Everybody knows attraction,
Everybody knows imagination,
Everybody knows name
Everybody knows war, nobody knows victory
Didn't mean to be in vain, seen and lived your pain
I see her fighting makers,
I see slain by her takers, but all equals- is broken
I see she learned lust
I see it blows through her like dust
Confused love is your soul making you think
What have I done to deserve this?
Wants happiness, wants significance
Think deep, think hard, good fortune is near
I see future with no fear, I see no sadness
I see all loveliness of dreams
I see all gleams wrapped up in a ball of content
I see all that is and all that was
I see a blind man, who also sees
I see it all, I see it now, I see it past death
I see at first sight, I see it's breath
I see all its light…

“I See”
by David-Angelo Mineo
Winter 1999
217 Words