Wants & Needs

Searched long to see such a feet
Stretched great heights to see neat
Makes all the wrongs seem right
Leading into happiness within light
Living with ups and downs
Stirring around greed and disease
Fighting a different breed with ease
All I want is you, all I need is you
Seeing children playing the garden
Hoping they won't stray far from home
Playing around bushes drinking
Acting a bunch of drunken lushes
Always living in lust, in god we trust
Nowhere to go
The garden is full
All the deeds, wants & needs
Running around being chased by red bull
Saving you from devil dog
Hitting it in the back
All that leads, wants & needs
Be strong in this world that won't last long
All that feeds, wants & needs
Need me, I am here, want me, I am here
Long for me, I am here, look at me with a leer
All that bleeds, wants & needs…

“Wants & Needs”
by David-Angelo Mineo
159 Words