Black Mirror S03E01

An under 2000 character Review on Anthologies. Number 8, Black Mirror S03E01 – Nosedive – Directed By: Jon Wright – Written By: Rashida Jones, Michael Schur, Charlie Brooker – Release Date: 10/21/2016. Originally Posted on 6/17/2020.

Black Mirror is a UK retelling, of sorts, of the Twilight Zone. Most of the episodes have to do with humanity or the dark sides of humanity in relation to modern society, technological advancements and media/social media sensationalism aka what I call “POOP Culture.”

Nosedive is the tale when we let social media dictate your social status in, “REAL-LIFE,” aka reality… In this Universe, people are connected to a World Wide Social Media status rating system. However, some choose to contribute on a bigger scale by joining other, more interconnected versions of this scale where some just accept their generic status they are given.

Depending on their status, they have more or less accessibility to things in the real world. Restaurants, stores, currency, discounts. All come from the rating this World Wide Social Media System gives a person. Based on how each person behaves, each, and every human interaction can get a rating if the people involved choose to rate the other person’s experience.

It works like say, TINDER and/or other dating sites, but for EVERYTHING a person does in the real world. They do something and post it and others can vote one to five stars based on what they think. Most people with a 4.2 or better are considered middle to higher class whereas people under 4.2 are considered average or lower.

People over 4.5 are considered elite status people. In this Universe, you want to be friends with those people. It does not take much for people who are out-spoken to drop in ratings, fast. This is exactly what happens to Lacie Pound. She reacts pretty naturally to her surroundings, yet others are fixated, along with Lacie, on how the interaction is reflected on the World Wide Social Media Platform.

Another warning from Black Mirror about how out of hand social media can be. By 2016 Social Media now has its footprint on our way of life. Now in 2020, I am afraid this reality is more plausible than ever before. Be terrified, very…….