I Need You To Know

I need you to know the first time I saw I fell over
Your smile hit me 10-fold
When you were engaged, I turned to cold
All hope for a full life-- died
Felt like no one was on my side
Life then was sad for both of us
After obliteration of relations with man
A resurrection of emotion
Shakespeare would never have seen
Now, I need you know that
I have been and always shall be yours
Every time you look at me,
Continue to open those doors to your mind and heart
I know how you think, I know how you are
All this we are stars together shining bright
Another stake I will make another war I cannot take
Don't want it anymore
And forever with a start is the ends
I need you to know we are more than friends--
Are survivors, only one solution
Must take the next step together into evolution
I need you to know your everything
You are all senses in one
You are all thoughts and dreams come true
I need you to know-- you’re above me
I need you to know that you love me!

“I Need You To Know”
by David-Angelo Mineo
197 Words