Little You

Live in wonderland where the real world is
Insane with heartbreak little you
Damn you for trying
Little you in pjs suffering pain
Little you feeling always on move,
Approve as long as you smile
Pawned you accept the Don Juan that lives under bed
Sorry for leaving little you
Little you- that life would differ
Little wrong we are little you
Look above the night, suns that light up
Know your calling, burned out little you
All lit up little you
Little you simply marvelous you are
Love her when speaks little you
Love her when smiles little you
Feel bad she does little you
Little blue Danube in middle winter, small,
Colorful, never noticed, but there,
Needing affections, attentions,
Shy you are little you
Swings like its 1922 little you
Smile all you can little you
All the way in wonderland little you
Don't strain long little you
Right behind you, watching for giant rabbits
That aren't invited to tea
Little you in heaven,
Think of heaven you are little you
Waiting to battle your Armageddon
With open arms little you
Little you so beautiful
Little you so emotional
Little you miss already
Little you don't go long
Little you-- never be an enemy
Heart be small Braveheart you are
In lust, with disgust
In makers vain feels pain
Look above will have my love little you…

“Little You”
by David-Angelo Mineo
234 Words