The Voice

Sat down a girl who was one,
She look so sad yet so surprised
She didn't know to think, would write in ink
One of those girls heart been broken
Doesn't want the mistake to happen again
Listens to others voices
Should be listening to her own voice
I must wait in line
For a try at life that only matters
Hear the clatters in my brain
They hurt my voice, say nothing
Have will to live a way everyone must, no one can
In sky above a dove loves life the way it should
Live my life the only way I could
Hear her voice of pain- its fear
Afraid to die, afraid to pry, afraid of,
Afraid to love, don't listen to other voices
Has no truth cold as ice, only listen to your voice
Is what you are, part that thinks and speaks
Part that sinks and peaks, many people in the world
In the heart of the young, living true emotion
Dying from pollution
Absolution, you should listen to your voice, not theirs…

“The Voice”
by David-Angelo Mineo
178 Words