A Guiding Light Extinguished

A guiding light extinguished, yet still we stand,
United by logic, a resolute band.
In the realm where life and death collide,
Where friendships blossom, and tears reside,
I share my thoughts of joy and woe,
To honor those who come and go.

To the voice, a guiding light,
Through existence's crazy, daunting flight,
Discovering now, this painful plight,
Sorrow overwhelms, like a moonless night.

She cared for people, with a heart so vast,
Children and animals, a love unsurpassed,
Her dreams of being a mother, a wife,
Denied in this reality, a cruel twist of fate.

But beyond these realms, where spirits soar through the gate,
Amongst the stars, she'll shine evermore,
A soul as human as one can be,
Forever carried on the gentlest breeze.

Oh, may the Wind be her eternal guide,
As she merges with the cosmos wide,
Bound by everlasting love and skies of blue,
Her heart forever embraced, her essence anew.

In this realm, my child, rest easy and pain-free,
No more pain or burden, just serenity, serenity now!
For it was you who gave my life more worth than where you found me,
Through the trials and tribulations of this Earth.

Amidst the confusion, understanding blooms,
Fears repressed, love now consumes,
Being your friend, and you being mine,
The sweetest bond, a treasure divine.

So we honor her, in every way we can,
Embracing life's joys, following her plan,
For she taught us to seize the day,
To cherish each moment, along our way.

A guiding light extinguished, yet still we stand.
No need for second guesses, raised by my hand.

No need for second guesses, my dear,
You put my worried soul to rest, clear,
I thank you, my friend, for all that you gave,
Now rest in peace, pain-free, beyond the grave, forever more.

A Guiding Light Extinguished
by David-Angelo Mineo
303 Words